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Match Grant Available!

You can double the impact of your support by making a gift to PLU ACS Student Delegates at COP 22! The ACS Puget Sound Section Younger Chemists' Committee is matching gifts to this project dollar-for-dollar, for a total match of up to $650.00.






Days Left
This campaign ended on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016


ACS Student Delegates at COP 22 

This year marks the 22nd Conference of Parties (COP 22) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Current PLU senior (Maddie Smith) and Class of '16 PLU alum (Alice Henderson) have been selected as part of a competitive nationwide program to represent the American Chemical Society (ACS) as student delegates at this annual United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Check out the official COP 22 website here!

The program aims to promote climate change literacy and education through student engagement in their communities via social media and other outreach. Student delegates will receive a two-day media and environmental policy training in  Washington DC this October, attend a week of COP 22 in Marrakech, Morocco November 7-18, and present reflections at the Spring 2017 ACS National Meeting in San Francisco early April.

The eight selected ACS student members are accredited as NGO observers for COP 22 and will be allowed to enter the UN Blue Zone to attend events, talks, and interact with important people from around the world. They will meet scientists, policymakers, and national leaders,  all while blogging, posting and tweeting their thoughts before, during, and after the conference. Maddie and Alice are the only two delegates from the west coast and are thrilled by this opportunity to represent PLU and their region on an international level!

Check out the Students on Climate Change (SOCC) BlogFacebookTwitter and Instagram!

Students on Climate Change

At the 1992 "Rio Earth Summit," nations from around the globe agreed upon the need to prevent dangerous human interference in the climate system. They established the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which entered into force in 1994 and provides the overall international policy framework addressing the issue of climate change.

Each year the UNFCCC holds a Conference of Parties (COP) to review the Convention's progress. For example, the Kyoto Protocol, a legally binding international agreement which set targets for the reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions was adopted in Kyoto, Japan at COP 3 in 1997.


In 2011, the American Chemical Society (ACS) officially endorsed a project sending two students as accredited observers to COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico. Since then the project has expanded to eight student delegates who attend the first or second week of COP and agree to engage in social media and other outreach activities before, during, and after the UN conference. This project relates directly to the ACS's commitment to climate change literacy and education as outlined by a recommended action in their official Climate Change Position Statement.

The purpose of this project is to promote climate literacy among college and university students. The UN international platform offers a forum to increase scientific understanding as well as engage in numerous social, political, ethical, and economic issues. 


Breakdown of Costs

While there is no registration cost for COP 22 and the ACS provides logistical support for lodging arrangements and UN accreditation, student delegates are ultimately responsible for their own travel, lodging and meals. Student delegates are committed to attend two days of media training in Washington DC this October, one week of COP 22 in Morocco, and three days of the Spring 2017 ACS National Meeting in San Francisco April 2017.

Here is a summary of anticipated costs per person:

      • Flight to Washington DC:                                 $400
      • Lodging for two nights in DC:                          PAID by the ACS
      • Meals for two days in DC:                               $75
      • Flight to Marrakech, Morocco:                        $900 (Booked by the PLU Chemistry Department)
      • Lodging in Marrakech for seven nights:        $544 (Booked by the ACS)
      • Meals for eight days in Morocco:                    $400
      • ACS National Meeting registration fee:           $106
      • Flight to San Francisco:                                    $230
      • Lodging in San Francisco for 3 nights:            $300
      • Meals in San Francisco for 3 days:                 $100

                TOTAL cost per person:                                  $3,055

We have set our initial goal at $2,000, enough for Maddie and Alice to cover their flights to Marrakech with $100 each for other expenses!

UPDATE: Within four days of our campaign, plane tickets to Morroco were fully funded and our goal raised from $2,000 to $5,000. This goal will cover all expenses but meals for training in DC, attending COP 22, and presenting reflections at the ACS National Meeting in April.

Specifically, $2,480 to each student will cover plane tickets, lodging, and fees and they will each pay out of pocket up to $555 for meals.                                  


Who We Are and Why We Care            

Alice (right) graduated last spring with a B.S in chemistry and a B.A in French, along with a minor in environmental studies. Maddie (left) will graduate in May 2017 with a B.S. in chemistry and minors in environmental studies and Hispanic studies. They are both passionate about chemistry, environmental science, climate change, and social justice. Check out this recent article from PLU marketing and communications about these two students and COP 22!                                  


(Left) Solar hot water heater that Alice photographed in Martinique on a PLU J-term course

(Right) Sign reading "take care of the environment" that Maddie photographed in Ecuador on a PLU J-term course

These students have already posted some thorough reflections including "Climate Change and Privilege on the US-Mexico Border," and "Anger and Optimism Approaching COP 22 (a lesson in complex reaction kinetics)." Please feel free to check out our blog posts on the Students on Climate Change (SOCC) website and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram as we launch this campaign and get ready to leave for Morocco!    

In the application process, Maddie and Alice displayed excellent academic preparation, awareness and enthusiasm to represent the ACS, PLU and the Pacific Northwest on this international stage.

Thank you so much for supporting their efforts!!


Match Grant and Campaign Extension!!! 

  Published on Friday, Oct. 14, 2016 at 10:02 PM (PDT)


Maddie and I have been awarded a grant through the Puget Sound Section of the American Chemical Society, the local branch of the organization we will be representing in Morocco.

We have been approved to use these funds as a match grant, meaning that all contributions before the end of our campaign will be matched up to $650!!

ON TOP OF THAT our campaign has been given an extension of 6 days for us to make use of this new grant with a new stretch goal of $6,000

This means we have 6 days to match $650 and meet our new goal of $6,000.

By meeting this stretch goal, Maddie and I would have our project fully funded. While our goal of $5,000 covered all airfare, lodging and fees, $6,000 will mean ground transportation and meals are not out-of-pocket expenses for Maddie and I. This will mean that participating in this project to improve climate science literacy at PLU and our in home communities does not come at any financial hardship to us. 


For taking the time to read our emails and updates, for contributing or simply browsing our page or watching our video. Thank you for sharing our campaign with friends, family and co-workers. Thank you for making our campaign the success that it has been so far. We couldn't have done it without you!

6 Days To Go! 

  Published on Monday, Oct. 10, 2016 at 09:39 PM (PDT)

Hi everyone,

Can you believe that there are only 6 days left in our campaign? We are in the home stretch!

This weekend Alice published a new blog post titled "The Science of Science Communication." Check it out!

In the past, Alice and Maddie have received scholarships from the Washington Opportunity Scholarship, and this week they published a "Success Story" interview with us on their website about attending COP 22! We are so grateful for their support!

Thank you all for your continued support! We are so excited to share our upcoming adventures with you all!

Two Weeks Down! 

  Published on Friday, Sep. 30, 2016 at 10:07 PM (PDT)

We are two weeks into our campaign and we've hit 63% of our $5000 goal!!! Thank you everyone for donating and sharing our page!

Because of our campaign's early success Alice and I were able to book our flights to Washington D.C. for the ACS media training. This week we've been working hard to share our campaign with groups outside of our PLU community and the response has been very positive so far!

This week Maddie posted a new blog post titled "Looking at the Paris Agreement Through the Lens of #BlackLivesMatter." Check it out!

We need your help to keep our campaign's momentum going! Please feel free to share what we are doing with anyone who might be interested.

Thank you so much for your support!


Week One Update! 

  Published on Friday, Sep. 23, 2016 at 11:03 PM (PDT)


We have been so thrilled by how the campaign has gone so far!! 

Within four days, plane tickets to Morroco were fully funded and our goal raised from $2,000 to $5,000. This goal will cover all expenses but meals for training in DC, attending COP 22, and presenting reflections at the ACS National Meeting in April.

Specifically, $2,480 to each student will cover plane tickets, lodging, and fees and they will each pay out of pocket up to $555 for our meals.

Both Maddie and Alice have been working to connect with their personal networks to raise awareness of climate change and United Nations climate policy proceedings. Alice's most recent blog post engaged the question of language diversity in UN negotiations. While scientists communicate primarily in English, international diplomats must communicate this information in numerous languages. COP 22 in particular seeks to communicate equally in four languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, and English. Alice also attended a meeting this week with climate activists in the Olympia community to hear about actions on current issues and to spread the news of our project attending COP 22.

Maddie's most recent blog post raises connections between climate change and border politics and the concept of "climate refugees". She also argues that not caring about climate change is a privilege since US Citizens are less likely to experience its direct effects.

Thank you for following along as we prepare for COP 22!


What an Amazing Start! 

  Published on Monday, Sep. 19, 2016 at 10:00 PM (PDT)

Hello Everyone!

Alice and I have been so amazed and moved by the outpouring of support our campaign has received in its first weekend! Thank you so much for contributing and sharing our story. 

With the money we have raised so far we have been able to fund our plane tickets to Morocco and leave some extra for other expenses! Our campaign has been so successful that we have been approved to increase our goal to $5000. With our new goal of $5000 we would be able to fund our flights to DC for the ACS training in October, lodging in Marrakech for the UN Conference, and our registration fees and flights to San Francisco for the ACS National Meeting in April.

We were just notified of the dates of our training in Washington DC so our next step will be to book our flights for that!

Thank you so much for your support!


The ACS Puget Sound Section Younger Chemists' Committee

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Theresa Brtischgi

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20 supporters have chosen not to be listed for "PLU ACS Student Delegates at COP 22".

Make an Impact

Food for one

Give $25

This amount would cover frugal meals for Maddie or Alice during a day in DC, Marrakech, or San Francisco. Thank you!

Meals for a day!

Give $50

A gift of this amount would easily cover meals for a day or two in Marrakech, Morocco. Eating out is an important part of the cultural experiences abroad. We greatly appreciate your generosity!

One night stay

Give $68

Fund one night's lodging (including breakfast!) of our week in Marrakech. We will be staying at a Riad near the convention center to limit transportation costs. Property #1271976 on vrbo.com! Each of us will have our own room at this very off-peak season price!

Meals during training

Give $75

One of the most upcoming expenses, Maddie and Alice will be responsible for their own meals while in DC. A gift of $75 would easily cover meals for one of them during their two day training (and travel time). Thank you so much!!

Single ACS National Meeting Registration

Give $106

Student Delegates commit to attending and presenting COP 22 reflections at the Spring ACS Meeting. Student registration for this conference is discounted, but still a significant expense. Thank you!

Flight to San Francisco

Give $230

A gift of this amount will cover the the cost of a plane ticket to San Francisco for Maddie or Alice to present their reflections on COP22 and climate literacy to the ACS at it's Spring National Meeting. Thank you so much for this generous contribution.

Round-trip Morocco ticket!

Give $350

This is the ticket cost (minus taxes and fees) for a single round-trip ticket to Marrakech. We look forward to posting updates during the conference- thank you!

Flight to Washington DC

Give $400

A gift of this amount will cover the cost of a plane ticket for Maddie or Alice to attend a two-day training session in Washington DC this October! This will be the first time the eight student delegates meet in person with program directors Dr. Gregory Foy and Dr. Keith Peterman before attending COP 22 together. Students will tour the National Headquarters of the ACS, meet with scientists, US policy makers, and media experts to discuss matters of climate change and policy in preparation for COP 22. Thank you for helping us get there!

Put us up for the week!

Give $544

A gift of this amount covers lodging for an entire week of COP 22 at a rate of $68 per night (the off off off season rate!).We will be staying at a Riad in near the conference center property #1271976 on vrbo.com. This cost includes individual rooms AND breakfast! Thank you so much for this generous contribution.

Those pesky taxes and fees

Give $554

This is where international airfare gets expensive! For a $350 ticket, fees are $554 for a total booking cost of $904. Alice leaves November 4th for the first week of the conference and Maddie leaves on the 12th to attend the second week. Enormous thanks to the PLU Chemistry department for handling our ticket booking and thank YOU for assisting in covering these costs!