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Help us Bring a Taste of Hawai'i to PLU

We are the Hawai'i and Asian Pacific Islander (API) Clubs, and we have come together to host the first Lūʻau at PLU in over 10 years. We are in the process of building a foundation for future club members and hope to make the Lūʻau an annual event at PLU. This is something you can help us achieve by making a gift to support our Lu'ua this year. As the Hawai'i and API Clubs have grown in the past few years, so has the ambition of the club members. Your gift to the Hawai'i Club and API Club allows us to share the cultures of our members in a fun and educational manner as you voyage the Hawaiian Islands with us. 

E Huaka'i Kākou i Ka Pae ʻĀina o Hawaiʻi!

The theme for this year is - E Huaka’i kākou i ka pae ʻāina o Hawaiʻi!: “Let’s voyage the Hawaiian islands”. Let’s all come together to “talk story”, make memories, and get a taste of the aloha spirit as we take you on a journey through the Hawaiian Islands through local food, live entertainment and dance. 

Overall Budget

Goal - $5,000


$3,000 -- Food & Catering budget for Lūʻau 2018

$1,000 -- Decorations, costumes, and Lūʻau shirts

$1,000 -- Inventory for general store.

Your gift goes towards supporting the Lūʻau so that it continue for years to come. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and support. Mahalo iā 'oe! 

Event Information

We invite you to celebrate with us and attend the event that you are supporting.

Date: Saturday - April 22nd, 2017

Time: 5:30 - 10:00 PM

Location: Olson Gymnasium - Pacific Lutheran University

Successful Lu'au 

  Published on Wednesday, Apr. 26, 2017 at 09:04 AM (PDT)

Last Saturday, April 22nd, we hosted our first annual Lu'au! The event was sold out and all who attended enjoyed the show. Without the support of our donors this event could not have happened. 

Gordon Ozawa

Gave $250.00

Lauralee Hagen

Gave $100.00

Kaitlyn Porter

Gave $10.00

Aki Toyama

Gave $50.00

scott endow

Gave $20.00

Jocelyn Florian

Gave $25.00

Trey Aguano

Gave $50.00

Darryl Kaneta

Gave $50.00

Brian Egger

Gave $25.00

Vance Miyabe

Gave $100.00

David Kennedy

Gave $100.00

Seth Spidahl

Gave $50.00

Cheryl Shiramizu

Gave $100.00

Judith McPherson

Gave $15.00

Vivienne Calhoun

Gave $50.00

Paul and Joanne Kennedy

Gave $100.00

Jane Wong

Gave $5.00


Gave $100.00

tatsuki shiramizu

Gave $100.00

Marvin Silva

Gave $100.00

Clayton Kau

Gave $100.00

Jay Ann Kau

Gave $100.00


Gave $50.00

Larry & Alma Teruya

Gave $50.00

Janet Ishikawa

Gave $100.00

Wayne, Linda & Kelli Kaneta

Gave $100.00

Jimmy Shiramizu

Gave $50.00

David Chun

Gave $50.00

Janet Seaberg

Gave $20.00

Harold & Elaine SHIMIZU

Gave $100.00

Stanley Layson

Gave $20.00

Armelita Orcilla

Gave $50.00

Paul Racz

Gave $5.00

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Make an Impact

Ko'olau Poko (Bronze)

Give $5

Your gift of $5 will go towards leis for each guest that attends the Lu'au. Thank you for your donation!

Hualalai (Silver)

Give $15

A gift of $15 means that we can purchase a new costume for one of our dancers. Thank you for your donation!

Haleakala (Gold)

Give $50

Your gift of $50 will go towards paying live performers for the event. Thank you for your donation!

Mauna Loa (Platinum)

Give $100

A gift of $100 means that we can buy a set of costumes for one of our performances. Thank you for your generous donation!

Mauna Kea (Diamond)

Give $500

A gift of $500 means that we will be able to have a wider selection of goods for our general store. Thank you for your very generous donation!